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Whether it is your home or your workplace, keeping it clean is a prerequisite. But it is often challenging finding time in our busy lives. Often with our irregular schedules or busy personal lives cleaning is one of the last things on our priority list and as such we open our homes and workplaces up to germs, or worse becoming infested pests like ants and cockroaches that aren’t so easily removed.

Types of cleaning services to assist the most time poor could be general cleaning, spring cleaning, a more detailed deep clean or even an end of lease clean. These could be applied to either your home or your work environment.

As we spring in to spring, its often the time people think about giving their home or office more attention and look at booking in a more detailed cleaning service. This is where a professional cleaner comes in handy. You tend to find they also assist in other detailed cleaning tasks like end of lease cleaning.

When you are moving there is a lot to do, such as packing, moving, disconnecting the utilities and reconnecting with new service providers, so cleaning often is left to professional cleaners.

Depending on your needs and requirements they can provide access to fully qualified cleaners who can take care of your cleaning needs. The most important thing is giving some thought as to your specific cleaning requirements and providing a task list, so they can detail to the level that is required for your specific home or office.

If you are time poor you might look at using a professional cleaning company to help assist you. Before you book one it is important to think about what it is you need. To help save you more time we have come up a comprehensive checklist of tasks that a professional cleaner can do to assist you with:

Skill Requirement

Cleaning requires professional handling when the items to be cleaned are delicate, intricate or specialist services. For example everyone can dust their home, but detailing required to do grout cleaning can be quite time consuming. Also carpet cleaning is very specialist and requires the correct machinery to skill level to complete effectively. So please take care when booking a service to make sure they have the right skill level for your specific needs and requirements.

Time and safety

Being a non-professional cleaner, you may not be able to assess the time it would take to complete the cleaning to the extent that is required. Always check first on the phone if there is an estimate of the length of time it will take and prior to commencing work ask the cleaner to confirm the time and any inclusions or exclusions that may exist due to safety issues like height restrictions.

Please note if you have pets or children at home, not all the cleaning products are right for your home. If you would like eco-friendly products to be used then please speak to the cleaning team and office prior to booking. Alternatively, if you have your own favorite cleaning brands and products then please provide the products to the cleaning team for them to use.

Final note

Keep in your mind that when booking any home cleaning services or commercial cleaning services it is really important you relay all of the information to the cleaning team. This will ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the job requirements.

If you have any more questions or would like to book your clean then please call 1300 740 848 or email us at

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