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Strata Clean

Given the variability of various strata buildings, the services they require are extremely varied as well. Compared to other types of property, each custom cleaning solution is uniquely tailored to your strata property’s needs. Oz City Cleaners’ expert strata cleaning specialists are dedicated to caring for your property.
With highly-trained and experienced cleaners providing the highest quality of service that exceeds expectations, we ensure that our valuable clients are always satisfied with the service provided. Our team of cleaning experts has extensive knowledge based on years of experience in Strata cleaning and can provide you any cleaning assistance you need.

Services We Offer

Maintenance services like light bulb replacement
Carpark and driveway maintenance
Elevator, stairs and hallway cleaning
Common area cleaning – internal and external
Window cleaning
Waste management services
Here are some strata cleaning services we offer, but if there’s anything you need that’s not on this list, contact us, and we will curate a tailored cleaning solution for your cleaning needs.

Why Hire Oz City Cleaners for Your Strata Cleaning?

Competitive Rates

We offer affordable Oz City cleaning packages that can meet your strata budgets with absolutely no compromise to the quality of service you will receive.

Safety Compliance

Our practices strictly adhere to OH&S standards to ensure the health and safety of both our cleaners and your tenants as we give you a service that will keep your property looking beautifully clean.

Convenient Schedules

We offer flexible schedules to meet your strata needs and can adapt to your property’s traffic to ensure that we work during times that minimalize disruptions and are convenient for your tenants and owners.

Environmentally Responsible

Whether you have a commercial or residential strata property, our qualified specialists are trained to meet your needs and requirements. Our five point strata training ensures that our cleaning teams conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and always follow our codes of conduct.

Professional Teams

All cleaning products used by Oz City Cleaners are environmentally safe, but more than just protecting the outdoors, environmental responsibility extends to indoor environments as well. Our strata cleaning specialists ensure that your property is attractive and habitable, contributing to the extended tenancy of the residents and improving the overall indoor health of the strata environment.


Schedules and Time to Suit You

We want to provide you with flexible cleaning services, that’s why you can choose a cleaning schedule that works best for you. You may choose from the following cleaning schedules:
Emergency Cleaning
Occasional Cleaning
Out of Hours
Daily Cleaning
Weekly Cleaning
Monthly Cleaning
Natural Products
Our teams can use eco-friendly cleaning products, or even hospital grade disinfectant, if required.
Experienced Cleaner
Professional commercial and domestic cleaners who understand the importance of a clean working environment.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re not happy with the cleaning, then we will clean it again.
Fast Service
Tell us your scope of work, set your schedule, and our team will ensure we get it done with speed and precision.
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