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General Housekeeping

Home should be a place of comfort, but there’s nothing comfortable about a space that is not tidy or clean. A clean home is a massive contributor to your overall health and lifestyle. It improves the quality of indoor air, reduces incidences of allergies, and helps you stay organised. The significance of a clean home is further emphasised by the work-at-home arrangements that many companies now apply, since it means that you will be immersed in your home environment for a huge proportion of your time.
You don’t have to worry about cleaning up your house once you’ve got Oz City Cleaners on the job. As the best cleaning service provider in Australia, we will take care of all your general housekeeping needs. From deep cleaning, spring cleaning, to ad hoc cleaning, we offer a broad range of cleaning services to address your every housekeeping needs. Our team of highly skilled cleaning specialists is flexible and can adjust to cater to your every professional cleaning specifications. You have full customisation power, and we strive to fulfil your every need and preference for a quality clean.

What Housekeeping Services Do Oz City Cleaners Offer?

We provide a wide array of services for your every housekeeping need. From your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas, let our specialist team take over the task of keeping your home immaculate.
We also offer the following specialised housekeeping services:
Here are some common tasks that we can do for you:
  • Dust and wipe all surfaces, including mirrors and fixtures
  • Scrub your toilet, shower, bath, and sinks
  • Vacuum and mop the floor
  • Empty all rubbish bins
  • Clean and polish metal kitchenware
You may also make a checklist of your specific housekeeping needs so we can construct a customised service package tailored to your needs. Oz City Cleaners can provide you with a housekeeper on a per-project or on a regular basis. If you don’t know what kind of service you want, give us a call, and we can discuss all the options.

Schedules and Time to Suit You

We want to provide you with flexible cleaning services, that’s why you can choose a cleaning schedule that works best for you. You may choose from the following cleaning schedules:
Emergency Cleaning
Occasional Cleaning
Out of Hours
Daily Cleaning
Weekly Cleaning
Monthly Cleaning
Natural Products
Our teams can use eco-friendly cleaning products, or even hospital grade disinfectant, if required.
Experienced Cleaner
Professional commercial and domestic cleaners who understand the importance of a clean working environment.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re not happy with the cleaning, then we will clean it again.
Fast Service
Tell us your scope of work, set your schedule, and our team will ensure we get it done with speed and precision.
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