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Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Carpets and upholstery are essential components of interior design in such a way that they are the elements that bring the rest of the furniture together. Whether at home or in a business, a good carpet and sofa set can boost the aesthetic appeal of a given space and provide comfort to the people in that space. Unfortunately, carpets get very dirty easily and are very difficult to maintain, and while it takes much longer to become visibly filthy, upholstery is a struggle to restore at home as well.
Any upholstered furniture suffers through a barrage of pollen, food crumbs, stains, and germs at any given time, and while daily vacuuming can prolong your carpet’s clean appearance, you can’t rely on it to really take the impurities out of it. Also, as much as we wish we could, we also can’t exactly pick it up and stuff it in a washing machine. The same is true for any of your sofas and ottomans.
Thankfully, there are industrial methods that we can apply. Oz City Cleaners can help you clean your carpet and upholstery through professional steam cleaning, eliminating all dirt stuck between its fibres and restoring it to its former aesthetic glory. Our trained team of specialists can help you revitalise your home and office through our upholstery and carpet steam cleaning service. Here is a short list of examples of your interior design elements that we can restore with our highly-specialised equipment:
Fabric Sound Barriers
Office Chairs
The outstanding results in carpet and upholstery cleaning are achieved by the Oz City cleaning team of experts through a systematic set of processes, including inspection, deep vacuuming, treatment, rinsing, deodorising, and conditioning.

Why Go for the Oz City Cleaners’ Steam Cleaning Services?

Sanitise and Deodorise

Filthy carpets and upholstery emit a musty smell that no amount of air freshener can seem to get rid of. This is because they act like giant filters that attract and trap germs and dust in the air. As a result, over time, they can develop the ability to trigger asthma and allergy attacks, and they serve as a major breeding ground for large numbers of bacteria, feasting on food crumbs, dead skin cells, and human dander. Simply, unclean indoor elements pose a real health risk to the occupants of a home or an office.

The Oz City Cleaners’ steam cleaning methods can remove up to 90% of airborne bacteria and improve your indoor air quality, in addition to providing cleaner furnishings for you to use. Our Oz City cleaning specialists use specially-formulated deodorisers that don’t just mask unwanted odors, but instead eliminate them entirely, making your home or office safer for its occupants.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us now for further details. We can also give you a free quotation.

Tested and Proven Results

Oxidation and discolouration is an unfortunate inevitable outcome for any of our carpets and furniture, but it can be for decades to come yet with regular steam cleaning to ensure that the elements of your interior design are impeccably Oz City clean. If it’s been a while since your carpets and upholstery have seen filth-free days, there is no need to think about replacing them yet. Our tested steam cleaning service is proven to get them looking close to brand new again.

Through quality Oz City cleaning services, we can massively prolong your upholstery’s lifespan and keep them free from potentially disease-causing impurities. With our highly effective cleaning solutions and equipment, coupled with our tested methods, you’ll definitely call us back to keep your home or business impeccably Oz clean.

Schedules and Time to Suit You

We want to provide you with flexible cleaning services, that’s why you can choose a cleaning schedule that works best for you. You may choose from the following cleaning schedules:
Monthly Cleaning
Emergency Cleaning
Out of Hours
Daily Cleaning
Weekly Cleaning
Occasional Cleaning
Natural Products
Our teams can use eco-friendly cleaning products, or even hospital grade disinfectant, if required.
Experienced Cleaner
Professional commercial and domestic cleaners who understand the importance of a clean working environment.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re not happy with the cleaning, then we will clean it again.
Fast Service
Tell us your scope of work, set your schedule, and our team will ensure we get it done with speed and precision.
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