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OZ Cleaning Solutions – How To Get Rid Of Common Carpet Stains

oz cleaning solutionsIs your flooring carpeted? Carpet flooring is very popular as it makes any home look lavish and luxurious. However, when a carpet has stain, it can make an interior appear unkempt. Your trusted carpet OZ cleaning solutions share a couple of tips on how to manage the most common carpet stains and make your carpet comfy and plush once again.


According to your trusted OZ cleaning solutions, getting the gum off your carpet is easy. Just follow these simple steps. Basically, you get an ice pack or an ice cube and directly apply it on the gum. Next, get a spatula or a dull knife and gently scrape off the gum. Voila! No more gum on your carpet.

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Red Wine

When you accidentally pour a red wine on your precious carpet, don’t panic. Use paper towels or a clean cloth to blot the stain. Don’t rub. Next, prepare baking soda paste. Simply, mix baking soda with water. The consistency should be pasty. Apply the paste in to the affected area. Once it dries, vacuum the stain.

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Who doesn’t like chocolate? However, everyone hates it when it stains clothes and carpet. To eliminate chocolate on your precious carpet, again don’t panic. Soak the stain with cold water. The water will help loosen the stain off your rug. Use a clean cloth and squirt a small amount of your favorite liquid detergent. Rub the area in circular motion. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. Again, rinse the area with cold water. Blot it until the area dries.

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Removing carpet stains is easy when you know what methods to use. Carpet materials vary and it is important to do a patch test first to make sure that the cleaning agents that you will use will work or not. Hope these tips help you in eliminating common carpet stains.

To maintain the carpet’s pristine condition, many homeowners hire professional carpet OZ cleaning solutions. Trusted cleaners like OZ City Cleaners can help remove even the toughest stain there is. For inquiries, kindly call OZ City Cleaners on 1300 740 848.

3 Easy Chore List For Kids – Try These Age Appropriate Chores Now!

chore list for kidsAt an early age, it is important for parents to teach children about responsibility. Teaching the significance of household chores to children is a good way to impart this value.  As much as possible, chores should be age appropriate. Although it should be noted that there are tasks that can be taught to small kids and still be appropriate for older or teenage children. OZ City Cleaners share easy chore list for kids that you can apply in your household.

Making The Bed

Making the bed gives you the sense of accomplishment early in the day. Small children can be taught how to place the pillow properly on top of the bed. You can also help them change pillowcases. Be patient and try not to nag. With big kids, you just have to be a little more encouraging. Remind them the importance of making the bed and how it is better to sleep on a well-made bed every nap or sleep time.

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Setting The Table

This is a fun chore list for kids. Small children can help with the placemats and silverware, while the older kids can do the plates and the glasses. Setting the table is a good habit to teach children because mealtime also means family time.

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Sweeping The Floor

Keeping the floor clean is necessary to prevent accidents. Teach small children to pick up after themselves and to learn how to pack away their toys after playing. You can also teach small kids to sweep the floor. Older kids should also be taught the importance of keeping the floor clean.

The earlier parents teach their children how to do household chores the better. However, it is important to give the kids the praise they deserve. Don’t be stingy when giving raise. Your children would love to do more cleaning when they are esteemed and appreciated for the things that they have accomplished. Hope that these easy chore list for kids help you in teaching a child sense of responsibility at home.

4 Types Of Professional Cleaning Offered By Cleaning OZ Services

oz servicesToday, it is not uncommon for people to hire a professional cleaner to help with the maintenance of cleanliness of homes and office premises. Professional cleaning OZ services have experienced and highly qualified specialists and they can make any room sparkle and fresh. Let’s discuss the different types of services offered by these expert cleaners.

House Cleaning

House cleaning is also referred to as residential or domestic cleaning. Professional cleaning OZ services can help you with your house chores. They can make your home clean and pleasant to live in. If you need help cleaning, they offer various packages from daily, weekly, monthly or fortnightly cleaning.

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Commercial Cleaning

This type of service is offered to businesses or corporations that need assistance in cleaning in one or various premises. To keep a company looking good, it should always look clean and professional. Would you trust a company when it cannot keep its office in order. To keep pace on the fast changing economy, businesses should always maintain their offices in order and commercial cleaning OZ services can help them achieve this goal.

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End Of Lease Cleaning

Moving to a new place? Then this type of cleaning is for you. When you reach the end of your lease, you need to ensure that you turn over the property in a pristine condition. Nobody does cleaning better than professional OZ cleaning services. They will make sure that all areas in your home will be in tip top shape, just like when you first moved in.

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Construction Cleaning

When a home is turn over to its new owners the builders are no longer responsible in cleaning the place thoroughly. There may still be pieces of wood or bits and pieces of construction materials. It is best that you hire professional OZ cleaning services as they can make your home a better place to live in.

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Cleaning can be a meticulous task that is why many dread to do it. Don’t you worry, you can always hire professional OZ cleaning solutions company like OZ City Cleaners. They can transform any place, from homes to offices big or small and make it clean and fresh at all times.

Why Hire Domestic OZ Cleaners To Take Care Of Your Home

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Have you considered hiring professional OZ cleaners? Today, many homeowners are opting to hire OZ cleaning services to help with household duties. There are many reasons hiring domestic OZ cleaners are the way to go. Here’s why you should consider hiring one for your household.

Highly Trained Professional Cleaners

Although, you can do the cleaning job yourself. But still nobody does the tasks better than professional domestic OZ cleaners. They are well trained and they know the best ways to remove stains and dust in the household. They also are familiar with the best cleaning agents and tools to keep your home clean and fresh.

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Convenient And Money Saver

Did you know that you can save money when you outsource to OZ cleaning services? How? Regular home cleanings can help keep your abode stay in perfect condition. You can prevent unnecessary repairs when your home is well maintained. Moreover, it is convenient to hire a cleaner especially if you have many things to do and you have no time to clean your home.

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Customized Cleaning Plan

These days, when you hire a cleaner, you can choose a cleaning plan that suits your needs and budget. You can opt for a daily, weekly, monthly or fortnightly plans. It is best that you talk to your cleaner to arrange the best plan for you. Also, you may request for additional cleaning services like window cleaning and vacuuming.

These are just some of the reasons why you need to hire an experienced cleaning service in OZ today. OZ City Cleaners offer quality cleaning services in OZ and its surrounding areas. Their network of professional cleaners are honest, talented and dedicated professional cleaners, who truly love what they do. They believe that every client deserves the best customer service possible. Their AWESOME team is detail oriented and they’ll make sure that all areas at home are clean and sparkly.




Cleaning Company OZ Services – Start The Year Right And Clean Your Home

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This New Year you can start off with a clean slate. You can be the change that you want to be.  Begin by decluttering and cleaning your home. Remember that when your home is clean it creates a positive change in you. A spotless and clean home can make you feel and look better. To help you manage your home, your trusted cleaning company OZ services share a couple of tips that you can try.

Create A Cleaning Checklist

Today there are many cleaning checklist that you can download online. However, it is best that you create your own cleaning checklist that you can follow. For example in the bedroom, you’ll make the bed everyday upon waking up. Then take out the trash. Every weekend you can clean and tidy up your closet. Make sure that you print the list and put it in a place for everyone to see.

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Stock Cleaning Products

It can be really annoying that you are in the mood to clean your home and then suddenly you realize that you run out of cleaning gloves or your favorite cleaning agent. That is why it is important to stock your home with the cleaning products that you need. Before you run to the grocery, make a list of everything you need to buy. This way, you don’t have to miss everything and you’ll have everything in one shopping.

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Clean One Room At A Time

It is important to use your time and energy wisely. Try to clean one room at a time. For example, in the morning, you can start cleaning your bedroom. When you are done, you can move to the bathroom or the kitchen, whichever you feel like cleaning next. With this strategy, you can focus on one thing and finish the tasks that you need to do.

A messy home can be an eyesore. Hope that these tips from your trusted cleaning company OZ services help you save time and energy on your housework. If you need additional help, you can always count on OZ City Cleaners to assist you.


OZ General Cleaning Services – How To Make Your Home Feel Christmassy

oz general cleaningMany consider Christmas as the happiest time of the year. It has been tradition that families would meet and share scrumptious meals together and give each other gifts. Moreover, people would decorate their homes with colorful ornaments to make their household Christmassy. To make your home feel and look Christmassy, your trusted OZ general cleaning services share a couple of tips.

Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Did you know that your smell could trigger memories? Create wonderful memories this season by making your home smell Christmassy. You can make a Christmas brew by simmering cinnamon sticks and mandarin oranges. If you have scented candles, you can use them as well.

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Snacks And Goodies

Aside from putting up your Christmas tree, you can also use your old vases as home decors this holiday season. If you have spare vases at home, you can fill it with candy canes and other goodies. You can add chocolate and candies for everyone to share.

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Decorate Your Windows

For those who will not be having white Christmas, you can still make your home feel like it is snowing outside. You can create fake snow by using cotton balls of different sizes and lining them up in a thread. You can use it to decorate your windows.

Clean Your Drawers And Make Space For Gifts

It can be annoying that you don’t have any space to place your newly opened gifts. Before the gift giving begins, make sure that you clean up your cabinet drawers so that you’ll have plenty of space to store your new things. After the festivities, you can store them in their rightful place like a new book in the corner shelf.

Hope that these tips can help make your home extra special this holiday season. If you need extra help with the cleaning and organizing, you can always call your trusted oz general cleaning services like OZ City Cleaners.


Commercial Cleaners In OZ – Top Reasons To Hire A Pro

commercial cleaners in ozRegular commercial cleaning services are important components in the preservation and care of your office. Professional commercial cleaners in OZ can help you to eliminate common office stains and they can make your office clean, fresh and ready for business. And, since they are highly skilled and their knowledge about the industry is extensive, you are sure that your work area is in good hands. Still not convinced, here’s why you need hire professional commercial cleaners in OZ today.

Less Hassle For The Staff

Is it still mandatory for the office staff to clean your office? This can be a stressful task especially when the employees are in crunch time meeting their deadlines. You can make the staff more productive by hiring professional commercial cleaners in OZ. They can do the cleaning duties so that you and your employees can focus on things that are important in making your business grow.

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A Cleaner Work Area

When your office is clean and well maintained, it creates a professional atmosphere. Surely, you want your clients to see that you are serious with your business. You want to make good first impressions to them. When you outsource the cleaning to professional office cleaners in OZ, your work area will always be clean and spotless.

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Saves Money

You can save money on cleaning products because as experts in the industry, OZ commercial cleaners can give you idea on what products are best to use at reasonable prices. Moreover, when the office is regularly cleaned, office equipment and fixtures are preserved. You don’t have to buy new furniture every year.

Your office should be regularly cleaned to maintain its professional look. Hiring professional office cleaners like OZ City Cleaners can definitely improve the overall look of your office area. If you wish to find out how OZ City Cleaners can help you with your office cleanliness, kindly call 1300 740 848.


Cleaners OZ Services – Tips To Keep Your Home Super Clean This Christmas

cleaners OZThe holidays are fast approaching. Surely, you can see homes and stores decorated with colorful garlands and ornaments. Some may even have their Christmas trees in place. But, how do you keep your home super clean this Christmas? Your trusted cleaners OZ team share a couple of tips on how to stay on top of your cleaning duties.

Consider Your Decorations
During the holidays, people think that the more decorations they have at home, the better. Sure, it looks nice and festive. But, it can also be dangerous, especially if the decors are not properly placed. Stay in control and keep your decorations simple. If you wish to do it grandiosely, try not to over-do it in traffic areas at home like the stairs or the kitchen.

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Safety Is A Priority
Most household use candles as decorations this festive season. Candles can bring out the holiday spirit in any home. However, if you will choose to use candles, make sure you place them on a plate or heatproof pad or placemat. For sure, you wouldn’t want the wax making a mess on your beautiful table. Remember that the heat from the candle can create ring marks on your tabletop. Also, make your home fireproof. Do not place the candles near the wall or curtains.

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Declutter Before The Holidays
It can be frustrating to not have storage for newly opened presents. So, before the actual opening of gifts, make sure that your cabinets have plenty of room for storage. Organize your stuff. Decide which are for keeps and which ones are up for donations.

This holiday spend quality time with your family and people who matters Keep your home clean and ready for the fun times ahead. If you need help cleaning, you can always hire professional cleaners OZ specialists. OZ City Cleaners is your cleaning partner this holiday.

Hire End Of Lease Cleaner In OZ And Keep Your Rented Home Clean

end of lease cleaner in ozIs your lease coming to an end? Then you ought to think about how you will leave your old place. If you wish to have good standing with your landlord and you want to get your bond back, then you need to make sure that your old place is taken care of. Hiring an end of lease cleaner in OZ is an excellent choice especially if you have no time to clean and you want your rented home to be spotless before the landlord inspects the property.  If you are planning to outsource the cleaning to professionals, here are the qualities you need to look for in OZ end of lease cleaners.

Reliable And Trustworthy

A reliable cleaner is able to perform his or her duties well even when no one is there to supervise. Ask your friends and family members for referral. Surely, they will not hesitate to recommend reliable cleaners for you. Remember that moving to a new home may be time consuming and you may not be able to supervise the cleaning all through out. That is why you really need to find an end of lease cleaner in OZ, who you can trust to complete the job.

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Detail Oriented

When it comes to end of lease cleaning, it is more than dusting and mopping floors. It is very detailed. That is why you need to hire certified end of lease cleaners who are trained and have a clear understanding of this type of cleaning. At the end of the day, you want a cleaner who is able to deliver and provide satisfying results.

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Doing the cleaning yourself can takes time. If you are moving to a new place, you may be running a busy schedule. With that said, it is recommended that you hire reliable, trustworthy and detail oriented cleaning service like OZ City Cleaners.

End Of Lease Clean OZ Services – Why Every Tenant Should Hire A Cleaner

end of lease clean ozMoving to a new place? Transferring to a new home can be exciting and at the same time stressful. Excited because you’ll have new adventures and you’ll be creating wonderful memories. On the other hand, moving can also be stressful as there are so many things that you need to accomplish in so little time. You need to make sure that all your belongings will be transported safely to your new home. Also, you have to ensure that your old place is clean and ready for its new occupants. End of lease clean OZ services can make your transition easy. They can do the cleaning tasks so that you don’t have to. Here’s why you should hire a professional cleaner for your exit cleaning.

Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned

End of lease cleaning is different from the ordinary home cleaning like sweeping floors and vacuuming the carpet. It is very detailed. During the final inspection, the property manager will check the home and see if it was properly cleaned. When it comes to exit cleaning, you’ll need specialists who offer end of lease clean OZ services. These experts can make your home sparkle and ready for its new occupants. They also understand the best cleaning measures to tackle dirt and stains at home.

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Get Your Bond Back

If you can still recall, during the start of your lease, you paid a security deposit, which you can refund at the end of your contract. You can get the bond back provided that you do not owe anything to the landowner and all bills have been paid. Moreover, you can get it back when the property passed the final inspection. With that said, you really need to ensure that your rented home is well maintained. An exit cleaner can help you with the cleaning and see to it that all areas at home are cleaned.

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Hire a professional end of lease cleaner in OZ and let your moving be stress-free. OZ City Cleaners offer comprehensive and affordable cleaning services. For bookings and inquiries call 1300 740 848.